Sunday, April 7, 2013

How To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Blog For Earn Money Online?

Google page rank is an elusive term that most bloggers don't understand completely. That is why my blog post is dedicated for them who want to learn about Google page rank. First I can say that no one can tell exactly about to increasing page rank because Google keeps the secrets of its page rank algorithm. Page rank is Google’s measurement of how authoritative or popular a website is, on a scale of (1-10) where 10 implies the most trusted site, and 1 the least.
Besides many tips are found in our research and different blog sites that I discussed below.

How to increase google page rank

  • Write great content without copy writing materials-If you write great content, people will want to link to it, particularly high quality websites. If you site has some correct information for a visitor then it is 100% chance for him to come back to your site again. Remember that copy writing materials does not boost of page rank. So self generated content is most important factor to increasing page rank.
  • Get Incoming Links from High Quality Related product of your sites- The best way to increase your Google page rank might not make a day or difference over a single night, but it will make a big difference in time to gain high page rank. The main factor is to get incoming links to your blog from highly page rank and well-trafficked websites that are related your websites topics. For this your blog will be reached high traffic that is why to get page rank is become easy. 
  •  Provide inside linking to your blog page- you can provide a link of your previous and next articles on an article page. Or you can provide a list of related articles so that visitor can remain a long time on your website. It is the important factor to get high page rank.
  • Update your website regular by adding one or more unique content- If you site has update information regular for a visitor then it is more chance to come back to your site again for any visitor.
  • Build a sitemap (XML or Google) for your website- To get higher page rank it is necessary to create site map of your websites. Remember that XML sitemap is based than other sitemap such as Google sitemap.
  • Provide guest posting facility- Guest posting facility is the important way and great key to generated higher page rank. If you want to get page rank very fast have to give chance to write comment posting.
  •  Submit the URL in social media-Submit the URL of your blog is different social media such as facebook, twitter, dig, delicious, Youtube etc. If your site has more incoming link has more chance to get higher Google page rank.

    Besides, there are another factor that affect your search engine which I provide sequence latter.

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